What is the Honk Movement?

A way for J’s Place to bring awareness to ministries and non-profits that focus on offering a hand up to show the love of God to Jessamine County.

The organization will receive 10% of Thursday’s sales and $0.10 for every honk between 11am and 12pm on Facebook, Twitter, or in front of J’s Place. (Like and follow J’s Place of Facebook to get posts to “Honk”).

benefitting organizations

Revive is a Christ-centered non-profit focused on loving people forward into true-life transformation rooted in God’s unconditional love for them.

Visit: revivetomission.com for more information.

The Salvation Army is committed to doing the most good for the most people in the most need. Our mission is to meet the human needs without discrimination, and we fulfill this mission to those of all ages through numerous programs and services.

Visit: facebook.com/salvationarmyofjessaminecountyserviceunit for more information.

Serving all counties in Kentucky for over 20 years, All God’s Children (AGC) is a private, non-profit and nationally accredited agency caring for abused and neglected children through 4 distinct programs.

1) AGC operates Kentucky’s largest residential treatment home for pregnant and parenting teens and their children/babies. This program serves young mothers between the ages of 12 – 18 and their babies starting from birth through age 4.

2) AGC’s Pre-Independent Living Program allows young mothers to gain more freedom with less restrictions as they progress in the residential treatment home. They continue to receive training in effective parenting skills including healthy meal preparation, how to appropriately discipline their child and proven steps to gain employment.

3) AGC’s rapidly growing Therapeutic Foster Care Agency locates, recruits, and trains dedicated foster parents throughout Central Kentucky to help care for the thousands of children from birth through 21 that are in need of good homes in Kentucky.

4) And AGC’s Early Childhood Center educates, nurtures and cares for the babies of their teen moms while they’re attending school as well as many children from AGC’s Foster Care Homes.

Please visit kyagc.org for more information

CommUNITY is a one word statement that sums up how the Jessamine County Homeless Shelter is being made possible. The Jessamine County Homeless Coalition has been funded by our community coming together and supporting this organization. Jessamine County citizens, businesses, organizations, and churches have contributed approximately 87% of the funds needed for the shelter to open it’s doors. Our community has spoken, a homeless shelter is overdue in Jessamine County. The most common statement the Homeless Coalition has heard while out in the community is “ I am one paycheck away from being homeless myself.” Most of us can relate to this statement, know someone who can, or fear that we may relate in the future.

Jessamine County is the largest county in Kentucky that does not have a homeless shelter. There are currently 35 chronically homeless adults, and 71 homeless children residing in Jessamine County. Due to gentrification, it is estimated that another 1000 individuals will be displaced due to rental payments increasing. The Jessamine County Homeless Shelter will function as an emergency shelter and a transitional shelter. When the shelter opens, the facility will have 50 beds immediately available. The shelter will have job placement services and life skill classes, such as resume writing. It will also provide services to the community such as access to a hot meal or machines to do their laundry.

The Jessamine County Homeless Shelter is open to the public.

Since it’s founding in 2003, the Jessamine County Food Pantry has been providing food assistance to our neighbors in need… right here in Jessamine County. The Jessamine County Food Pantry (JCFP) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to eliminating hunger in our community. We are the local affiliate of God’s Pantry Food Bank for Jessamine County and a partner with Feeding America. Donations to the Food Pantry are tax deductible. Our mission is this: Out of a love for God and His children, we provide food (free of charge) to our community neighbors in need. We do this, because we never know when we may be feeding Jesus… unaware (Matt. 25:31-46)  Visit: jcfoodpantry.org